Moorland Gold top soils are high quality, unique and have a range of purposes. The topsoil is based on a naturally occurring peat product and river sand, this giving you highly nutritious soil yet leaving peat moors untouched for wildlife to flourish.

Our topsoil is a natural washed peat product comprising of decomposed leaf mould and sphagnum, which is collected without damage to the surrounding countryside through a unique source of water filtration. As it is rich in naturally occurring minerals and trace elements, it results in reduced need for additional fertilizer to be added.

We screen the raw material and add degrees of river sand, collected through the same filtration process, to create soils for both personal and commercial use. It is ideal for returning nutrients to land and has been successfully used on golf courses and recreation areas to enhance and improve their grounds.

We provide soil for a range of uses including:

  • Landscaping gardens (lawns, flower beds, raised beds etc)
  • Top dressing
  • Golf course repairs
  • Cricket pitch repairs
  • Bowling green repairs
  • Allotments
  • Sports / Recreation grounds
  • Schools / Learning centres

Order information

Our topsoils are sold in dumpy bags or small to large bulk loads*.

A dumpy bag (approx 1 cubic metre) of our standard topsoil can be purchased from one of our local stockists:

  • Holme Build, Huddersfield (01484 666688)
  • R&M Builders Merchants, Rochdale (01706 343588)
  • Fielden Factors, Todmorden (01706 814650)
  • PNF Builders Merchants, Elland (01422 377359)
  • Navigation Supply Co. Ltd, Todmorden (01706 816971)
  • Stephen A. Leach, Wardle (07721 366813) (loose loads only)
  • Parr Rochdale Limited, Rochdale (01706 656980)

If you require a small to large bulk load* please contact us for a quote.

*Small bulk loads are available locally only