West Riding Organics Ltd produce the  Moorland Gold  range of organic composts and top soils.



 Moorland Gold growing mediums are made from a natural occurring peat product, which is collected through water filtration.  It must be stressed this is a result of natural erosion with man playing no part in its formation.

Every time it rains, particles of peat and leaf mould are naturally washed into streams and rivers, which in turn are deposited into lakes and dams.  These particles are collected and processed to produce a fine, dark medium that has all the benefits of commercially dug peat and much more besides.

Moorland Gold organic composts are made by blending the naturally occurring peat product with organic nutrients; they have a variety of uses, from general gardening to specialized growing mediums. These composts are rich in minerals and trace elements, which encourages the growth of strong and healthy plants, with the reduced need for additional feeding. No artificial ingredients are added, so you can be sure resulting plants will grow as nature intended.

Moorland Gold top soils are made by blending the same naturally occurring peat product with river sand, to produce high quality top soils. These are made up of only natural ingredients and are unlike recycled top soils which can contain contaminates such as glass and brick dust. They also have a variety of uses from general gardening to specialised root zones.

West Riding Organics Ltd was formed over 20 years ago and we have been producing organic composts and top soils ever since. We supply hundreds of nurseries nationwide and large organisations such as the National Trust, The Organic Gardening Catalogue, Le Manoir Restaurant and River Cottage. Our products have been put to many uses from professional growing and general gardening to reinstating moorlands and creating sports grounds. We can produce specific growing mediums for most applications.